In order to maintain a place within Sixth Form all students must comply with the following requirements of the Sixth Form Code of Conduct.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • Students must attend all lessons including registration, assemblies and additional sessions that are held (unless alternative arrangements are in place and agreed by Year Leader, students and parents)
  • At least 95% attendance is expected. Students who fall below 95%, and do not have medical evidence/authorised absence forms to support their absence, may be placed on attendance report, required to attend meetings with parents and their Year Leader or Mentor. Regular unauthorised absences may result in exam fees becoming payable by the student
  • Students should be prompt to lessonsĀ 
  • Driving tests are allowed during school time, however driving lessons are notĀ 
  • Holidays are not advised during term time. Authorised absence in exceptional circumstances will be granted on an individual basis subject to student performance in their subjects and current attendanceĀ Ā 
  • Parents/Carers should make contact with school on [email protected] or 01670 515415 option on the morning of their son/daughterā€™s absence by 9am at the latest, stating the reason for their absence
  • Students planning on attending a University open day must inform their tutor and any subject teachers whose lessons they will miss by the completion of the appropriate paperwork. It is vital that any work and catch up is before their next lesson. It is expected that students should not attend more than three open days during school time. Application forms for this purpose are available from the ASC and should be completed and submitted at least 48 hours in advance
  • Any students missing lessons due to absence from school, whether authorised or not must see the teachers of the lessons they missed to collect any necessary work. It is expected that students will catch up with the work before the next lesson or as soon as reasonableĀ 

Advanced Study Centre and Independent StudyĀ 

  • Students must demonstrate a proactive willingness and engagement in independent study across all of their chosen subjects; this includes set ā€˜homeworkā€™ as well as wider reading/research
  • Any willful damage to the ASC will not be tolerated and appropriate action will be taken
  • Any accidental damage should be reported to a member of the Sixth Form team immediately
  • Quiet, respectful working is expected in the ASC
  • Students should not disturb others during private study. Computer games and films with no educational purpose are not expected or permitted
  • Food is not allowed in the ASC
  • Litter must be placed in the bins provided
  • Sixth Form Students must abide by the expectations set by all staff

Behaviour and Conduct

  • The school behaviour code applies to all Sixth Form students
  • No smoking in or around the school premises
  • Mobile phones MUST not be used in lessons unless allowed for a specific learning purpose directed by the teacher
  • Mobile phones should only be used in the ASC for educational purposes and must not be visible in the main school buildingĀ 
  • Student behaviour in lessons must not affect a teacherā€™s ability to teach and/or a studentā€™s ability to learn

Dress Code

  • Students should dress appropriately for Sixth Form. Students who are inappropriately dressed will be asked to change.Ā 

Part-Time Employment

  • Whilst it is understood that some students may wish to engage in part-time employment whilst in Sixth Form, it is recommended and expected that students will not work for more than 8 hours per week. In this way students are able to devote the necessary amount of time to their studies without affecting their grades
  • Work experience is an essential aspect of the Sixth Form experience. All students are required to complete at least one five-day placement during their Year 12 programme of study. Students should seek out their own placement that will enhance their learning and refine their progression choices. All paperwork to authorise their placements should be submitted to the ASC in a timely manner. Additional work experience placements will be authorised subject to the correct Health & Safety paperwork and a studentsā€™ individual performance/attendance

Independent Study

  • There is a clear expectation that students will carry out at least 4 and a half hours per subject of additional study per week. This should ensure that students give themselves the best possible chance to fulfil their potential
  • Students must complete all homework tasks set for them by their teachers
  • Independent study on top of homework is vital to enable students to reach their learning potential in each subject they study
  • If students are absent from a lesson where homework is due to be handed in, they must arrange hand in either electronically or the next day they are in schoolĀ 

Personal Organisation and Meeting Deadlines

  • Students should come prepared for lessons and should check with subject departments which folders, books and other equipment are required for each of their subjects. It is the studentsā€™ responsibility to ensure they have the correct materials for their chosen courses
  • Students must respond to emails promptly and return reply slips/consent or other forms by the deadlines set

Examination Entries

  • If for any reason a student leaves a course after examination entries have been made, they will be required to pay for any exams that they have already been entered for
  • If there is no evidence of student study or progression, a student may be withdrawn from an exam. Sixth Form reserve the right to apply this sanction

Car ParkingĀ 

  • Sixth Form students should not park on school grounds at any time (with the exception of authorised permit holders). This includes the Youth Centre and Adult Learning CentreĀ 
  • Cars parked in the vicinity of the school grounds are parked at students own risk and they must be considerate to the local residents. We advise students park in Morpeth in the appropriate car parks