The Purpose of a Dress Code

Within Sixth Form we expect students to wear our Dress Code. We are clear about our dress code and adopt one for the following reasons:

  • Inclusion  – clothing for school/Sixth Form should be affordable and practical 
  • Safeguarding – we need to recognise, with ease, the people who should be present on site
  • Identity – it is important that we are viewed as a cohesive learning community 

Student ID/access passes must be worn and be clearly visible at all times.

Dress Code

  • Plain black, white or grey tops
  • Plain black, white or grey jumper
  • Black trousers or black jeans only
  • Standard length, plain black or grey skirt or dress (black/grey/plain) 
  • Plain black footwear

A Shared Understanding

All dress should be appropriate for a professional working environment 

We consider the above statement to mean:

  • Tops must have no patterns / pictures / stripes (inc. pinstripe)/ large logos
  • Trousers must be worn to the waist.  Blue / grey / faded denim should not be worn. 
  • No low cut tops or bare midriffs / no strappy or cut-away tops / exposed shoulders
  • No visible body piercings except pierced ears. No extreme piercings will be allowed (e.g. Scaffold piercings, expanders  etc). No visible tattoos
  • Hair should be a natural colour and appropriate style. Make up, including nail polish, should be suitable for a professional working environment 
  • No outdoor wear to be worn inside school or in classrooms