Religious Studies looks at some of the biggest questions that man has asked – Does God exist? Why do people suffer? You will encounter a range of thinkers who have grappled with these ideas. Learners will study Western Philosophy, through ideas such as what can we know, to questions about the soul, to the issue of whether we can prove that God does or does not exist. You will explore how we decide whether something is right or wrong through ethical theories and the application of these as well as exploring the nature of the conscience and how we use language to express ideas of right and wrong.

You will also look at how Eastern Philosophy developed through the rise of Buddhism, tracing the religion from its earliest influences to the philosophical tradition it represents today. This will include looking at how Buddhism rises to the challenges of the modern world.


Three examinations of two hours each.

What Next?

Religious Studies is a well respected humanities A Level that is valued by employers and universities alike. It sits well alongside other humanities A Levels, as well as Psychology, Sociology and English.

Previous students have gone on to study such diverse areas at university as Politics, Economics, Law, Nursing, History, Town Planning, Journalism and many more with past graduates now enjoying careers in Banking, International Law, Journalism, Theatre and one working as the media manager for a large gaming firm!

Subject Leader: Mr M Malton-Earl

Syllabus: OCR

Course Specification: H573

Qualification: A Level