This course allows students to develop skills in a range of practical drama elements including acting and directing. Theatre visits are central to the course and students can expect to see some fantastic live performances over the two years. In the first year students will perform a set text which they will have spent time throughout the year studying in a practical manner. Students will also explore a number of contemporary theatrical styles and key practitioners of Modern Theatre.

Students will complete two research reports and two portfolios of work during the course. The course is heavily weighted on the written element with regards to the theoretical practices of performance. Students will study a further two texts from a chosen theme which is followed by an extended essay question.


Unit 1: – Practitioners in Practice 40% Non Examined Assessment

Unit 2: – Exploring Texts for Performance 20% Non Examined Assessment

Unit 3: – Analysing Performance 20% Written Exam

Unit 4: – De-constructing Texts for Performance 20% Written Exam

Assessment for the practical units also takes account of your own individual contribution to the process throughout the preparation period as well as your final performance which is important at this higher level as you seek to gain credit for your growing proficiency and skills in performing, analysing and devising.

What Next?

This subject works well with Psychology, History, English Lit, English Language, Business Studies, Media Studies and others. Due to the nature of this subject if you are passionate about Drama then you will enjoy all lessons. Many of our students follow the Higher Education pathway: Acting, Dancing, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Teaching, Dentistry, Media.

Drama & Theatre Subject Leader: Mrs F Anderson

Syllabus: OCR

Course Specification: H059 H459

Qualification: A Level